You new lighting solution will bring good results as far as power saving is concerned and it comes up with a warranty and maintenance assurance. NELCOLED team is always there to provide excellent after sales’ services. Our customer-care department takes great care of the maintenance work including repairs and warranty. We offer one-year labour warranty and we also take care of the manufacturers’ warranty and help you get defective items replaced following a hassle-free process.

Our quick customer care service is one of the keystones of our success. We take special care of the upgraded lighting solution and our maintenance programs are made to monitor the proper function of all the newly-installed equipment at you premises. NELCOLED team makes every effort to take care of the work finished by it so that your business concern does not face any unexpected disruption to your work. In fact, everyone at your premises will have a tension-free work experience and they will also enjoy working with newly-installed state-of-the-art energy-saving solutions by NELCOLED.